Exclusive Just for Kicks Clip Features Legendary Rapper Bun B

ComingSoon is debuting an exclusive Just for Kicks clip from the lifestyle meets hip-hop culture series created and produced by Antoine Wade and Rhyan LaMarr. The show is set to debut on Thursday, October 19, exclusively on Crackle.

The clip features the show’s three hosts — Don Benjamin, Wesley “Wuz Good” Armstrong, and Jadi Torres — alongside legendary rapper Bun B from UGK.

You can check out the exclusive Just for Kicks clip below (watch more clips and trailers):

“Hosted by influencers Don Benjamin, Wes Armstrong, and Jadi Torres, Just for Kicks brings together a diverse range of guests to discuss their most exciting shoe stories and reveal the reasons behind some of the boldest fashion choices ever,” reads the show’s description. “The series features a range of games and challenges like never before that are sure to stump even the most confident shoe aficionados.”

“Just For Kicks is a unicorn of a series bringing a fun blend of fashion, music, sports, and entertainment that touches on every aspect of hip-hop culture,” said Michele Fino, head of branded content for Chicken Soup for the Soul Entertainment. “We’re thrilled to launch it next week, exclusively on Crackle.”

The series features interviews with all sorts of celebrities, including Allen Iverson, Jordan Clarkson, John Salley, Bun B, Rich the Kid, Jessie T. Usher, and Barton Fitzpatrick.

You can also watch the trailer on YouTube below:

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